Anxiety Book Update

So I’m through the first couple of chapters of my book about how to deal with anxiety At Last A Life.  The gentleman who  wrote this book, Paul David, struggled with anxiety for 10 years or so.  I like that it is a man who wrote this book.  It seems like women are mostly the ones who admit to struggling with mental health issues so having a man admit to this issue is refreshing.  Mr. David struggled to solve this problem and went to many doctors who could not help him.  Disappointed with what doctors offered him, he went on his own quest to learn everything he could about his anxiety issues.  This is what eventually led him to solving his problems and then deciding to write a book and a blog about his experiences.

The basic gist of what I have read so far is that anxiety and worry wear some people down to the point where they feel very tired and disconnected from life.  He points out how many people start stressing out about their anxiety and how to “fix it” and this just causes them more anxiety.  They wind up in a downward spiral of having anxiety about their anxiety and just become exhausted and immobilized by it.

The last part I read is about how he started to find his way out of the anxiety spiral by learning that he needed to stop stressing out about trying to fix it and chill out.

Yes, that is my technical interpretation of what I have read so far.

I’ve only read the first 20 pages and there are 169 pages in the book – so I have much more to learn.

At any rate Mr. Paul David also has a website where he talks about anxiety issues.  So if you have any interest or concern in this area I’ve posted a link to his website below.

Have a great Friday!


Husband Purchases Anxiety Book For Me

So my husband bought me a book about anxiety.  It is called At Last A Life: Anxiety and Panic Free by Paul David.  I guess it was recommended by a YouTube personality who has/had anxiety issues named Emily Hart.

So Mr. Husband says I better read it or he’s going to move out.  Hmm..

I used to like to read a lot but no so much anymore.  I got Lasik on my eyes and it sort of messed them up so that is part of the problem.

I will keep you updated about the book.  I know you are just waiting on the edge of your seat.

Have a great day!!

Daily Musings and The Founder

I let this blog die two years ago already.  I want to revive it!!

Not really.  I’m not looking for lots of followers and such.  I’m just going to try to write something in here every day.  It will probably be boring.  If you find that annoying – feel free to unfollow this.  I’m cool with that.

Yesterday I watched a movie called The Founder.  The movie is about how Ray Kroc started what we know today as the McDonald’s restaurant franchise.

It is a good movie and definitely worth watching.  Perhaps it will be too much of a spoiler to say that in many ways it reminded me of The Social Network.  But there it is.  I have spoiled away.

Thanks for stopping by and in the rare event that you have read this – yay!

I will become an awesome person.  Yes I will!


Day 25: Not So Hot Peppers

So these jalapeno peppers grew pretty well in my garden.


Aphids don’t like them.  The powdery mildew had no effect on them either.  The only problem is that they have no flavor and the husband doesn’t really want to eat them.  He’s the one that told me to grow them in the first place.

Growing things can be easy.  Growing things that people actually want to eat is much trickier.