Day 30: Scooter the Cat

I just couldn’t resist posting this picture of Scooter.  He’s so cute.



Day 25: Not So Hot Peppers

So these jalapeno peppers grew pretty well in my garden.


Aphids don’t like them.  The powdery mildew had no effect on them either.  The only problem is that they have no flavor and the husband doesn’t really want to eat them.  He’s the one that told me to grow them in the first place.

Growing things can be easy.  Growing things that people actually want to eat is much trickier.

Day 23: Harvesting Potatoes

So I made my first attempt at growing potatoes the way most people do I’m guessing – by sticking an old potato in the dirt.  I was amazed at how quickly these guys grew.  Here are some pictures of my red potato harvest.  I think I probably harvested them a little too early though.  Oh well, live and learn.

Happy 4th of July!!



Day 22: Emu Egg

I have a friend who works at a petting zoo where they have an Emu.  This emu lays one or two eggs a month.  She gave me one of the eggs.  It’s a very large egg that’s a lovely blue color and provided about two cups of egg.  That is a lot.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the emu.  It seemed a bit sad and confined in the petting zoo though.  😦



Day 18: Elio Car

I went to see the Elio car that is touring the country.  It will be a gas saving game changer.  It seats two people in tandem, meaning one in the front and one in the back.  It currently qualifies as a “cycle” which means you can drive it in the car pool lane.  You can reserve yours for a small deposit.  The full purchase price is expected to be $6800.

From this angle it almost looks like a normal car.


But not so much from this angle.