Day 26: Mysterious Bunny

This bunny appeared in my back yard a few months ago.  He especially liked the crop of Mallow that we had growing around the yard back then after the rain.  Humans can also eat mallow and I was munching on some of it too.  It doesn’t have much flavor so it’s easy to munch on.



Day 21: Garden Slender Salamander

I found this little guy living under one of my potted plants when it was wetter out side.  The leaf next to him is only about an inch and a half long so you can get an idea of how small this little fella is.  I think he/she is cute.


Day 11: My Drought Tolerant and Edible Moringa Tree Can Change the World!!

So a few months back I learned about the Moringa tree.  It’s a very hearty tree that grows well in high temperatures and doesn’t need a lot of water.  Best of all, the leaves and seeds are highly nutritious.  Some people think that these trees can play a big role in fighting hunger and malnutrition too!!  Do an internet search and you’ll find a lot of information.

I live in Southern California, land of little water, and I think it’s about time that we let our landscapes serve more that one purpose.   These plants can beautify our lives while providing highly nutritious food.

So I ordered some seeds and planted four of them at the beginning of April.  Here are my little Moringas.  I need to replant them soon.  They didn’t do very well when it was cooler but they are growing much faster now.


Three of the four seeds sprouted, one is a runt, one is medium sized and one is doing very well.  Thanks for reading.  🙂

Day 10: Beneficial Insects? Yes, please.

So I found this little guy on my potato plant.  Yes, my potato plant has run its course and I should be harvesting some potatoes soon.


It’s a preying mantis!!  I looked up some YouTube videos of these little buggers and man they can be vicious.  There is a video of a larger preying mantis eating a baby lizard alive!!  It is not for the squeamish.  Too bad this bad boy didn’t find his way to my infested kale plant.