Day 29: Lemons!

Guess what!!  There are lemons on my lemon tree.



Day 28: Figs!

My little fig tree has a few figs on it.  It was grown from a cutting of a fig tree branch.  It needs a lot of water though or it will drop all of its figs pretty quick.


Day 25: Not So Hot Peppers

So these jalapeno peppers grew pretty well in my garden.


Aphids don’t like them.  The powdery mildew had no effect on them either.  The only problem is that they have no flavor and the husband doesn’t really want to eat them.  He’s the one that told me to grow them in the first place.

Growing things can be easy.  Growing things that people actually want to eat is much trickier.

Day 23: Harvesting Potatoes

So I made my first attempt at growing potatoes the way most people do I’m guessing – by sticking an old potato in the dirt.  I was amazed at how quickly these guys grew.  Here are some pictures of my red potato harvest.  I think I probably harvested them a little too early though.  Oh well, live and learn.

Happy 4th of July!!



Day 12: How Do Moringa Leaves Taste?

So in yesterday’s post I failed to mention the flavor of Moringa leaves.  I am not going to lie and say that they are super yummy, but they aren’t so bad.  They taste a little bit nutty at first and when you chew them up they have a slight peppery taste.  They aren’t yummy enough to want to eat a lot of them though.  I have been putting them in my smoothies and I haven’t been able to taste them that way.  If you put enough of them in your smoothie they will turn it green and that will make you feel like your smoothie is super healthy. Different varieties probably have somewhat different flavors so this is just what my particular variety tastes like.

Another good thing about these is that the leaves are higher off of the ground than other plants, like basil or spinach, so the leaves are usually clean and bug free from what I have seen so far.  If you want to grab a few for your smoothie every morning it will get annoying to have to spend a lot of time washing every time you pick a few.  They are small enough that you can feel any bugs or dirt on the leaves and brush them off.  I don’t usually wash mine.

Here is a picture of the ones that will wind up in my smoothie this morning.