Day 30: Scooter the Cat

I just couldn’t resist posting this picture of Scooter.  He’s so cute.



Day 19: Outside Kitty Woes

Our outside kitty, a picture of whom was featured in a previous post, keeps coming home with mysterious injuries.  He’s an adventurous little fool but his latest injury has him limping on one of his paws.  I hope that will keep him in the yard long enough that he won’t be out adventuring on the 4th of July.  They love illegal fireworks in my neighborhood.  😦

Day 13: Amused Cat or Confused Cat?

Should I write about television or gardening?  There seems to be very little interest in my blog posts about gardening and a small amount of interest in the Netflix series Sense 8 since that post got a few views.

Look at me!!  I’m writing a blog.  I’m supposed to pick a topic and stick with it, right?  When my 30 day blogging challenge is over should I continue blogging?

These are the not-so-compelling questions that I’m asking myself.

I think I should probably stick with television reviews, but those take quite a bit of my brain power and time to write up.  For now, you will probably be stuck with more gardening posts because those are much easier.

In keeping with the very loose theme of this blog, here is a picture of the stray cat that we adopted.  He’s a real sweetheart but very lonely and needy.  We call him Scooter.  Thanks for reading.