Looking for Blog Approval

I sort of like blogging and I sort of hate it for the same reason I hate Facebook.

But with Facebook there isn’t really much like.

At least with blogging you often come across blog posts that are very genuine and help you relate to someone in a meaningful way.  With Facebook I don’t think this is the case.

So you write a blog post that you think is good.  And nobody likes it or even views it.  Meh.  No one loves me.

Now you have added another bit of anxiety to all the other everyday anxieties of life that you didn’t really have to deal with.

And I haven’t put much effort into this blog for that reason.

Why should I care if random people on the internet like the dumb things I write?

But then there is that little bit of excitement in the uncertainty of signing into WordPress every day.  Will I get a like?  Will someone have actually viewed my blog?  Oh – the uncertainty of it all.  I guess if everything in life is already known it’s all pretty darn boring.

So silly.

Will anyone view this post hmmm?

I guess I’m supposed to add useful information to my blog because who has got time for nonsense these days.  Show me the content!!!