I am a human.  I just want to share some of my thoughts and ideas.  I’m sort of lonely and don’t have a lot of people to talk to at the moment.  That’s my own fault.  I am not going to make the mistake of revealing a lot about myself because then I get too self-conscious and don’t want to post anything any more.

Some topics that I will likely write about in this blog…

Cats, nature, gardening, humor, television, changing the World, conspiracy, exercise, Spanish, blogging, building authentic connections to other souls, attempting to eat healthfully, – I think that’s the proper way to say that?  That’s what Rachel Ray says anyway.  I’m not a huge fan of Rachel Ray though.  She’s all right.

I’m guessing I’ll be talking about TV a lot because I don’t have much of a life at the moment.  Hopefully that will change as I make efforts to escape from my comfort zone.  I won’t guarantee anything though.

Drop me a comment if you stopped by.  It’s nice to know that other people know that I exist.

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