How Quickly Can A Marriage Go Wrong?

So I’ve been watching quite a few episodes of Married at First Site – the Australian version.  Some couples seem to do really well and others just crash and burn.

I think everyone knows that fighting dirty is not a good practice right?

Like when someone confronts the other person with an issue they don’t really want to hear about or deal with, rather than discussing the issue and listening to the other person’s perspective and feelings the person being confronted goes into attack mode.  They often say something mean and totally unrelated to the issue at hand.  This just sends everything into a downward spiral that is difficult to recover from.  How many of these types of occurrences can a marriage survive?

If you’re on the show Married At First Site – not very many.

Marriages don’t usually die by some big catastrophic failure.  Marriages often die a “death by a thousand cuts”.  All the inconsiderate mean careless thoughtless actions and behaviors just keep piling up until one person or both people realize they would be better off alone.

Just stop and think and don’t inflict those thousand cuts.  It’s just not worth it.


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