Friend’s Daughter Appears on Toy Package – Story at 11 – Not Really

Did I make progress toward my goals yesterday?  Not so much.  Do I even know what my goals are?  Not really.

I did finally set up the new car insurance.  YAY!  Why do these things take so long?

My friend’s daughter did a photo shoot for a toy package.  The toy came out with her daughter’s picture on it.  She posted it on Facebook.  Her daughter is very cute and photogenic.  Alas, I was never photogenic.  Even my childhood pictures usually looked sort of goofy.

We are supposed to add rain gutters to the house but it just keeps on raining.

I have a kitty who is very strange.  He is very dog like.  He likes to be played around with roughly.  Most cats get angry if you do anything that annoys them.  You can spin this cat around, roll him around on the floor – he just keeps coming back for more.  I call him our dog cat.  I have never seen another cat anything quite like him.

I will update you about my anxiety book when I finish it.


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