Day 28: Figs!

My little fig tree has a few figs on it.  It was grown from a cutting of a fig tree branch.  It needs a lot of water though or it will drop all of its figs pretty quick.



3 thoughts on “Day 28: Figs!

  1. We were given one but I think it died over the winter. The bark on the branches don’t look anything like yours. We tried waiting it out to see if it would do anything. I’m thinking it’s toast. Never even got one fig from it.
    Glad you posted yours, I never knew what they looked like growing on a tree. Hope you post to show what it looks like when they are ready to pick and eat.


    • Fig trees actually grow around streams along hiking trails in Southern California. A lot of the time these trees will be producing figs. I guess they like Cali weather. I’ll post some pics when they get ripe.

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      • I wish they just grew anywhere like that here in Ontario, Canada! I would be in heaven. Having a fig tree is a big thing where I live. I’ll post a picture of our dead one sometime. I can’t bear to give up on it just yet.

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