Day 6: Gardening Foibles

So I’m growing a few things in my back yard.  I planted cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, basil, tomatoes, kale and one ginormous sunflower.  Growing things yourself will give you a new appreciation for what farmers must have to deal with.  It will also make you wonder how much pesticide they really use.

So my cucumbers were doing okay until they got the dreaded powdery mildew.  With powdery mildew white circles of what looks like powder form on the leaves of your plant.  There are various things you can do to slow it down, but if you don’t keep on top of it, it will kill your plant and all your cucumbers with it.  And of course, I didn’t keep on top of it.  Bye bye cucumbers.

My kale plant grew well but was attacked by the larvae of what I believe to be cabbage moths.  I pulled twenty or so off of it and then realized that a huge crop of aphids had then taken over.  I don’t think I’ll be growing kale again.  The buggers just love it too much.

My peppers are still doing well though.  Hooray.

Also, my ginormous sunflower is still doing okay.  The seed package said, “Mammoth Sunflower”, and they weren’t kidding. That plant is at least eight feet tall.  The sunflower has formed at the top and it looks heavy.  It may topple the plant without intervention.

Here is a picture of my sunflower.

Okay, never mind – I can’t seem to download the picture from my phone and my other camera has disappeared.

Perhaps tomorrow.  I know you’re all waiting excitedly.


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