Day 19: Outside Kitty Woes

Our outside kitty, a picture of whom was featured in a previous post, keeps coming home with mysterious injuries.  He’s an adventurous little fool but his latest injury has him limping on one of his paws.  I hope that will keep him in the yard long enough that he won’t be out adventuring on the 4th of July.  They love illegal fireworks in my neighborhood.  😦


Day 18: Elio Car

I went to see the Elio car that is touring the country.  It will be a gas saving game changer.  It seats two people in tandem, meaning one in the front and one in the back.  It currently qualifies as a “cycle” which means you can drive it in the car pool lane.  You can reserve yours for a small deposit.  The full purchase price is expected to be $6800.

From this angle it almost looks like a normal car.


But not so much from this angle.



Day 13: Amused Cat or Confused Cat?

Should I write about television or gardening?  There seems to be very little interest in my blog posts about gardening and a small amount of interest in the Netflix series Sense 8 since that post got a few views.

Look at me!!  I’m writing a blog.  I’m supposed to pick a topic and stick with it, right?  When my 30 day blogging challenge is over should I continue blogging?

These are the not-so-compelling questions that I’m asking myself.

I think I should probably stick with television reviews, but those take quite a bit of my brain power and time to write up.  For now, you will probably be stuck with more gardening posts because those are much easier.

In keeping with the very loose theme of this blog, here is a picture of the stray cat that we adopted.  He’s a real sweetheart but very lonely and needy.  We call him Scooter.  Thanks for reading.


Day 12: How Do Moringa Leaves Taste?

So in yesterday’s post I failed to mention the flavor of Moringa leaves.  I am not going to lie and say that they are super yummy, but they aren’t so bad.  They taste a little bit nutty at first and when you chew them up they have a slight peppery taste.  They aren’t yummy enough to want to eat a lot of them though.  I have been putting them in my smoothies and I haven’t been able to taste them that way.  If you put enough of them in your smoothie they will turn it green and that will make you feel like your smoothie is super healthy. Different varieties probably have somewhat different flavors so this is just what my particular variety tastes like.

Another good thing about these is that the leaves are higher off of the ground than other plants, like basil or spinach, so the leaves are usually clean and bug free from what I have seen so far.  If you want to grab a few for your smoothie every morning it will get annoying to have to spend a lot of time washing every time you pick a few.  They are small enough that you can feel any bugs or dirt on the leaves and brush them off.  I don’t usually wash mine.

Here is a picture of the ones that will wind up in my smoothie this morning.


Day 11: My Drought Tolerant and Edible Moringa Tree Can Change the World!!

So a few months back I learned about the Moringa tree.  It’s a very hearty tree that grows well in high temperatures and doesn’t need a lot of water.  Best of all, the leaves and seeds are highly nutritious.  Some people think that these trees can play a big role in fighting hunger and malnutrition too!!  Do an internet search and you’ll find a lot of information.

I live in Southern California, land of little water, and I think it’s about time that we let our landscapes serve more that one purpose.   These plants can beautify our lives while providing highly nutritious food.

So I ordered some seeds and planted four of them at the beginning of April.  Here are my little Moringas.  I need to replant them soon.  They didn’t do very well when it was cooler but they are growing much faster now.


Three of the four seeds sprouted, one is a runt, one is medium sized and one is doing very well.  Thanks for reading.  🙂

Day 10: Beneficial Insects? Yes, please.

So I found this little guy on my potato plant.  Yes, my potato plant has run its course and I should be harvesting some potatoes soon.


It’s a preying mantis!!  I looked up some YouTube videos of these little buggers and man they can be vicious.  There is a video of a larger preying mantis eating a baby lizard alive!!  It is not for the squeamish.  Too bad this bad boy didn’t find his way to my infested kale plant.