Looking for Blog Approval

I sort of like blogging and I sort of hate it for the same reason I hate Facebook.

But with Facebook there isn’t really much like.

At least with blogging you often come across blog posts that are very genuine and help you relate to someone in a meaningful way.  With Facebook I don’t think this is the case.

So you write a blog post that you think is good.  And nobody likes it or even views it.  Meh.  No one loves me.

Now you have added another bit of anxiety to all the other everyday anxieties of life that you didn’t really have to deal with.

And I haven’t put much effort into this blog for that reason.

Why should I care if random people on the internet like the dumb things I write?

But then there is that little bit of excitement in the uncertainty of signing into WordPress every day.  Will I get a like?  Will someone have actually viewed my blog?  Oh – the uncertainty of it all.  I guess if everything in life is already known it’s all pretty darn boring.

So silly.

Will anyone view this post hmmm?

I guess I’m supposed to add useful information to my blog because who has got time for nonsense these days.  Show me the content!!!



Transgenders in Suburbia

Yesterday my husband and I went to a local hardware store to buy a small item.  The person behind the cash register looked like a woman but had the voice of a man.

She also had that awkwardness about her that you often notice when men or former men are taking on a female persona.

I have never seen a transgender person or a person of questionable sexuality behind a cash register in this area or anywhere really.

Maybe things really are changing for the better as far a tolerance and acceptance of those who don’t fit into the standard categories.


How Quickly Can A Marriage Go Wrong?

So I’ve been watching quite a few episodes of Married at First Site – the Australian version.  Some couples seem to do really well and others just crash and burn.

I think everyone knows that fighting dirty is not a good practice right?

Like when someone confronts the other person with an issue they don’t really want to hear about or deal with, rather than discussing the issue and listening to the other person’s perspective and feelings the person being confronted goes into attack mode.  They often say something mean and totally unrelated to the issue at hand.  This just sends everything into a downward spiral that is difficult to recover from.  How many of these types of occurrences can a marriage survive?

If you’re on the show Married At First Site – not very many.

Marriages don’t usually die by some big catastrophic failure.  Marriages often die a “death by a thousand cuts”.  All the inconsiderate mean careless thoughtless actions and behaviors just keep piling up until one person or both people realize they would be better off alone.

Just stop and think and don’t inflict those thousand cuts.  It’s just not worth it.

Adam the Woo and the Site of the JFK Assassination

I’m a fan of a YouTube video creator called Adam the Woo.  He’s a bit silly but I find his silliness amusing.  It doesn’t pay to take life too seriously.

Currently, well as of yesterday, he was traveling around Dallas and filming various things.  He visited the site of the JFK assassination.  I thought it was one of his better videos so I’m sharing it.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂


Valentine’s Day?

So my husband and I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary for Valentine’s Day.  We might go to a sit-down restaurant later in the week.  That is a rare occurrence these days.

I never had any big romantic notions about relationships.  I was raised by my parents and big romantic notions did not exist in that relationship.  I just wish my husband enjoyed more of the things I enjoy.  I don’t even ask if he wants to do things anymore.  I know the answer already.

There were a lot of makeshift vendors set up around town selling flowers, balloons and teddy bears.  Does anybody really want a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day?  Really?


Rain Gutters Actually Are A Little Fun

So my husband and I managed to get a rain gutter put on one small section of our house yesterday.  There was a bit of a learning curve as neither of us had actually installed rain gutters before but now that we’ve gotten over that it might be smooth sailing.

It’s nice to work on a project that could potentially last for decades.  Usually I’m working on pointless things like the dishes that will simply need to be done all over again the next day.

So the future weekends hold many more trips to the hardware store.

Rain Gutters Are Fun

Yesterday the husband and I drove up into our local canyon.  The canyon has several dams and they were much fuller than usual.  We’ve gotten a lot of water in the past few months.  Woot!  Perhaps the drought will be over here.  We have a bunch more rain coming next weekend.  I should have taken some pictures so that I could post them.

We also went to the local hardware store to buy supplies to add rain gutters to the house.  I seriously hate home improvement projects.  They just take up all your free time and are usually not really about home improvement but more about keeping things from falling apart.  But alas this stuff needs to get done so there goes another perfectly good Sunday.


Friend’s Daughter Appears on Toy Package – Story at 11 – Not Really

Did I make progress toward my goals yesterday?  Not so much.  Do I even know what my goals are?  Not really.

I did finally set up the new car insurance.  YAY!  Why do these things take so long?

My friend’s daughter did a photo shoot for a toy package.  The toy came out with her daughter’s picture on it.  She posted it on Facebook.  Her daughter is very cute and photogenic.  Alas, I was never photogenic.  Even my childhood pictures usually looked sort of goofy.

We are supposed to add rain gutters to the house but it just keeps on raining.

I have a kitty who is very strange.  He is very dog like.  He likes to be played around with roughly.  Most cats get angry if you do anything that annoys them.  You can spin this cat around, roll him around on the floor – he just keeps coming back for more.  I call him our dog cat.  I have never seen another cat anything quite like him.

I will update you about my anxiety book when I finish it.